Best Community-Based Portals in the USA

You have just moved to the USA and it’s natural that you are experiencing culture shock. It takes time to get used to the way things are done as compared to your home country. You are probably homesick and are looking for likeminded people to hang out with. The number one problem that most people face when they move to a new place is the lack of friends and social circle, which could lead to loneliness. Building connections take time especially if you are not in college and have an accessible community can definitely help alleviate this as you assimilate yourself into the new cultural setting.

If you are looking for social bonding and looking to meet new people then these websites will definitely help you to meet new people and have a community to rely on for any questions you may have.

1. Facebook

You must be living under a rock with no access to the internet if you haven’t heard of Facebook. With over a billion people on the social network platform, Facebook was started as a way to be connected with your close friends and family. However, Facebook also has groups that you can be part of. These groups could vary from professional job seekers to your community groups for a specific city. You just need to search the groups, join them and get in on the discussion with the community. You can post any questions that you have on the respective groups and you will have people chiming in to get them answered.

Free to join.

2. Meetup

Meetups are great for meeting likeminded people from your city. You can join meetups based on the community, interests or professional groups. You simply need to create an account on the site, search for the meetups based on what you are looking for and join them. You will regularly be updated with get-togethers that you can join. It’s great for meeting people especially if you are new to the city and you’d have a chance to bond with them based on mutual interests.

Free to join. You need to pay if you want to start your own meetup.

3. WeDesy

WeDesy prides itself on being a one-stop community exclusively for South-Asians. You can leverage this platform to not only connect with other South-Asians but also look for new roommates, carpool buddies and buy/sell items. Their sole mission is to connect South-Asians from all parts of the world to create a stronger healthier bond among its members. You can use your Facebook or LinkedIn to create an account on WeDesy and get started with connecting with other like-minded WeDesy members.

Free to join and use all of its services.

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