Preparing for departure

COPR is a temporary visa that would allow you to get into Canada. Once you arrive in Canada, you’d have to get through the immigration to complete your permanent residency visa process. Once you are done with this process, also known as the landing requirement, Permanent Residency (PR) card will be mailed to your Canadian address within 4-6 weeks.

Before you immigrate to Canada, ensure that you carry the following documents in your hand luggage since they will be asked for at the immigration counter in Canada:

  1. Passport with the permanent resident visa stamped
  2. COPR
  3. Proof that you have funds to support: Note that this doesn’t have to be the entire 13,000 CAD or so. You can carry few thousand dollars in cash or forex card. You have already proved that you have enough liquid funds to support yourself during the application process.
  4. Address of mailing the PR card: You will be asked to provide an address to mail the PR card in the airport at the immigration checkpoint. Make sure you have this address noted somewhere.

Ensure that you land in Canada before the COPR expiry date.

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