10 Travel Essentials You Need To Pass Time On A Long Flight

We can all agree that long haul flights are dreadful and exhausting. Traveling in Economy class only makes the experience worse. Compact seats and limited legroom is not an ideal environment to spend ten plus hours. Until we become millionaires, there are carry-on essentials that you can bring along to make these long flights bearable. Maybe, just maybe you may even enjoy the travel (Yeah, I know it’s a bit of a stretch). Let’s cut right to the chase:

Top 10 must-haves for long flights:

1. Kindle/ Books/ Magazines

It’s your preference. You can bring along printed magazines/ books or stock up on your kindle! Because we all know how busy your lives are so this is a great opportunity to catch up on all the reading.

2. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Crying babies are annoying! Yes, babies are adorable but when they cry, you want to get out of there unless of course they are your babies. Too bad you are stuck and at their mercy for the journey duration. You can try to shut away the sound with in-flight headphones but they suck! That’s why it’s always a good idea to get your own headphones. If you don’t have noise cancelling headphones, any good quality headphones would go a long way to help!

3. Neck Pillow

If you are traveling in first or business class, don’t even read this. You are going to chuckle at the rest of us. But for my fellow economy passengers – I can’t stress enough the importance of carrying a neck pillow. Yes, there is a head rest that you can tweak around but it hardly helps. Even if you manage to sleep, you’ll be sure to strain your neck. Bring a neck pillow to increase your comfort level and help you catch some zzz’s.

4. Charger

A lot of flights these days have USB port to charge your tablet/ phone. In case that you are one of the lucky ones on an outdated airline, be sure to carry a portable charger! You don’t want to arrive at your destination with a dead phone and asking around people to make a call.

5. Water Bottle

You may find it silly to see this on the list because airlines provide water with meals. You can even ask the air hostess to get you a cup of water whenever you need. It’s better to get a bottle from the duty-free to ensure that you keep sipping and hydrated through out the flight.

6. Light Snacks/ Candies/ Chocolates

In-flight meals are usually provided every 3-4 hours. If you get hungry in-between, you are stuck with the sound of your stomach grumbling. Carry some light snacks to munch on. Make sure to have some sour candies as they help you with ear pain that you may experience due to low air pressure.

7. Eye Drops

Your eyes can get dried up due to low air pressure as well. Keep eye drops handy to prevent that. Also, keep your contact lenses aside and wear eye glasses instead.

8. Tablet

Most flights do have in-built entertainment system. But if you want to binge on your favorite Netflix shows, you can do that by downloading your Netflix shows before getting on the flight. Have your own Netflix and chill session ( …minus the chill part).

9. Toiletries

Want to look fresh when you land? Carry your toiletries with you in a small pouch. Be sure to carry some essentials like Toothbrush, toothpaste, cologne/ perfume (less than 100 ml).

10. Eye-Masks

A perfect compliment to your neck pillow. Use an eye mask to block the light and help you sleep. Taking a nap will go a long way to keep your jet lag to a minimum.

Along with the must haves, comfortable seating with legroom is crucial. Check out these best economy airlines that provide the most legroom for your next long-haul flight.

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