Best airlines that give you the most economy-class legroom

When you are traveling for long duration in a cramped up economy seat of an airline, legroom is the single most factor that determines your comfort. Extra few centimeters of legroom goes a long way in making your journey slightly less uncomfortable.

There are several airlines that recently started making the economy class even more cramped up to fit in more seats. More seats mean more revenue for them but at the cost of passengers’ comfort. The list provided below will help you determine which airlines to choose as you get ready to go on your next long haul flight. If you need to shell out an extra hundred dollars for an extra inch or two, it may be worth the money.

Top 10 economy class airlines based on legroom

  1. Emirates: 83.82 cm
  2. Japan Airlines: 83.82 cm
  3. Delta Airlines: 81.28 cm
  4. Singapore Airlines: 81.28 cm
  5. Qatar Airways: 81.28 cm
  6. Air Canada: 78.74cm-83.82 cm
  7. Air India: 78.74cm-83.82 cm
  8. Etihad: 78.74 cm
  9. Air France: 78.74 cm
  10. British Airways: 78.74 cm

Along with legroom, ensure that you have our list of 10 travel essentials that will make your journey comfortable and entertaining.

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